Lampstand Ministries

Our Mission


Lampstand Ministries is an urban ministry for the west-side of Chicago, serving the Lawndale, Garfield Park, Austin and Humboldt Park areas. Lampstand Ministries strives to have a life-changing impact by bringing the love of Christ to those who are looking for help.

We are a bridge between urban ministries, between the suburbs and the city, between different denominations and races, and, ultimately, between people and Jesus Christ. We partner with 25 different urban ministries, and coordinate 1,800 volunteers a year.

Our Ministries


There are four aspects to Lampstand Ministries: food ministry, service projects, mentoring and consulting. Working hand-in-hand with other Christian resources in Chicago, Lampstand Ministries provides educational opportunities, support groups and retreats, job-placement services, mission trips and service projects for other outreach organizations looking to support people in need on the streets of Chicago.


Food Ministry

Lampstand Ministries operates a once-a-week food ministry each Saturday, called “My Brother’s Kitchen.”

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Service Projects

Lampstand hosts more than 30 service projects a year with groups from all over the country.

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Lampstand mentors young people, often in partnership with the Young Men’s Educational Network (YMEN), in a process continuing throughout their lives.

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Lampstand consults with many churches and ministries, helping them put together project game plans, with the guidance from the Holy Spirit.

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